Anger Management Course Adelaide

Life Supports Adelaide based Anger Management Course is a six to twelve week program designed for people who have used violence in their relationships, and want to develop alternative ways of dealing with relationship difficulties and life challenges. The course supports people in taking responsibility for their behaviour and developing an understanding of their anger and their responses to anger. Clients will develop skills to effectively manage their feelings, relationships and life stressors in positive and constructive ways.

The course is run on an individual basis rather than in a group context. As such, the counsellor works through the course content with the client on a one to one basis, supporting them in their journey to change the way they deal with the feeling of anger in their life and heal some of the hurt that violence has brought to their relationships.

If required, your counsellor will can provide you with a letter stating that you have participated in anger management for court purposes.

For further information refer to the anger management information sheet, call 7070 0905 or Email us.